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Introduction to Coffee

Introduction to Coffee is an ideal course for anyone who is new to the world of coffee.

From the coffee process, roasting, and brewing to tasting, this course gives a general overview of coffee’s supply chain. This course also includes “coffee cupping” which allows you to taste the various flavors of coffee.

  • What will you learn?

- Coffee Knowledge &  introduction on coffee regions
- Difference between the coffee beans & quality
- Origins & processing
- Brewing methods: Taste recognition & flavor perception

- Provided with detailed hand-out for the content.

Points: 10
Course Length - Minimum 4 Hours

Meet the Instructor

Tessa Blacksmith.png

Tessa has been part of the Blacksmith family almost since the beginning and has grown substantially along with the brand. Inspired by her trainers and mentors, becoming an Authorized SCA Trainer is a dream come true for her. She has already trained over 400 baristas that are currently working in the coffee industry, providing them with a solid foundation and key knowledge.